About Us

Barrister’s has kept a Cleveland tradition that dates back to 1964.  We are one of Cleveland’s oldest and most respected restaurants and catering service providers. Our passion is your food--what you and your colleagues, friends, and relatives nourish your bodies with every day.

We take a different approach than many other restaurants, especially in this day and age of multi-unit establishments and chain restaurants.

We do not have “food” delivered in buckets, boxes, and cans. At Barrister’s, ingredients are brought in fresh throughout the week, as needed, and your food is prepared in-house with those fresh ingredients.  

As a true New York style deli, we serve you only high-end meats and cheeses in your sandwiches and on your deli/sandwich trays, and you receive generous portions.  We freshly prepare all your food on premises, whether it’s what you order in the dining room or what you order from our catering menu. 

Find out for yourself why we’ve been serving the Cleveland area since 1964. Place your online order on our website, call us at 216-621-2622, or stop in for a great meal!

1424 Hamilton Ave   |   Cleveland, OH 44114   |   P: 216-621-2622   |   F: 216-621-2520   |   barristers.deli@att.net